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Benefits Overview

Benefits are added incentives given by companies and employers to coworkers that take many different forms. Examples of benefits include medical care coverage, disability pay, etc.

When your benefits are infringed upon or taken advantage of by your employer or other professionals, they may be liable to stand trial for benefits fraud, workers compensation fraud, or any other charge they are guilty of by denying your rights as an employee.

What Benefits Fall Under Workers Compensation? There are three major benefits that fall into the workers compensation category:

Medical Expense – this covers the cost for hospitals, physicians, medical treatment, etc.

Disability Pay – either temporary, or permanent. This will depend on the severity of the injury. The amount varies, but can be as high as one-half to two-thirds of your normal pay.

Vocational Rehabilitation – if you are unable to perform the usual duties of your occupation due to your injury, you may need to be re-trained so that you can enter into a new trade or business. Also, physical therapy may be needed to obtain your pre-existing physical strength.

If your employers conduct imposes on your physical well-being or restricts you from gaining your physical strength, he will be penalized and should be reported to deter such conduct in future situations. He could do so be neglecting to inquire on the origin of the accident, or by giving strict liability without inquiry into fault.


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I was hopeless and almost gave up, because my workers’ compensation claim was tied [in] with my discrimination/harassment civil lawsuit against my employer, [which] made the whole situation very complicated. However, it was not too late when I met Mr. Nehoray and his office manager, Alma Gavia, who gave me hope and courage. They patiently listened to me and spent time and effort with me. Mr. Nehoray took-on my case despite complications. He handled it with proper care and professionalism.

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Letisha W.

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